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Park clean up

We had nearly 15 people today for the clean up. It was pleasant weather. We were done in 2 hours.


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Spring has sprung! The furniture is cleaned up and the cherry blossoms are out.

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Cherry Trees


The cherry trees are in full blossom this week!

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Old habits are worth keeping: Amazon referral fees

Just a little reminder that, with all the good causes out there, that if you shop at Amazon out there with our links…

…then we continue to collect about 4% in referral fees a year.

This is a truly low-friction way to continue to trickle money to the park (the money continues to be managed by Groundswell) and is critical in maintaining a running balance in the maintenance budget and avoiding larger fund-raising events.

Every little helps, and it’s great to see (as I write this year’s check), that many people still remember.

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snowman on the couch posted these great pictures of a snowman in the park.  Very cool!

dog and snowman

dog and snowman

snowman lounging

snowman lounging

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Highlighting the Park

I went to a City Council committee meeting today.  They highlight a park each month and this month it was our turn.  You can watch the meeting on the Seattle Channel.

My presentation is at about 2:15.

Seattle Channel Video can be played in Flash Player 9 and up

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Our concrete wins an award!

I just received news that our park has won an award for the creative use of concrete.

From the Daily Journal of Commerce:

“Ballard Corners Park was built on the site of a former corner store. The design was intended to recall local history through artful details, unique concrete forms and interpretive elements.

“The park has a life-size concrete corner store entry where tiles and interpretive panels were incorporated into the tabletops and columns. The material also allowed for smooth transitions and soft details in the living room furniture. Color brings added warmth and character to each of these features.

“The use of concrete at both the entry and the living room allowed designers to mix organic and formal shapes while maintaining consistency across the small space.

“Ready-mix concrete offered the project team the flexibility to create unique and playful forms, and provided the durability to hold up to public use and Seattle Parks maintenance practices. In addition, the material offered an economical way to bring diverse shapes and character to a small neighborhood park.”

The park designer John Barker tells me that will be a plaque given to us…I don’t know where we’ll put it.

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More tree art

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Decorated tree

I walked by the park recently and discovered this cherry tree all decorated up.

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Work Day Coming Up!

There is another work party for Ballard Corners Park coming up in early March.

From Gabriella –

Please join us for a work party at Ballard Corners Park (17th Ave NW & NW 63rd Street) on Saturday, March 5, 2011 from 9am-2pm, rain or shine.

We’ll be weeding, cutting back ferns, cleaning up debris, and spreading wood chip mulch.  Many hands make light (and lighthearted!) work!  We look forward to seeing you there.  Some tools and refreshments will be provided.  If you have your own gloves, weeding tools, pruners, and a wheel barrow please bring them.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!



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