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What is RSS?

RSS is a way in which you can be automatically notified if a website posts more information.

You subscribe to an RSS feed (that one is for this site) using an RSS Reader and it will notify you when new information is available.

There are many RSS Readers – the functionality is included in many modern browsers like Safari, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer 7 (look at the address bar for the letters RSS or a little icon of some description), several email tools like Thunderbird and Apple Mail also understand RSS and will make new posts appear like new email.

Finally there are the dedicated RSS Readers – programs which live to read. These can be either web-based ( or are the two biggest) or for specific computers – NetNewsWire for the Mac, FeedDemon for Windows for example.

Here is an old bluefacedpixie post on how to use RSS, and the wikipedia entry. I leave the rest up to you.

A coda:

There are several “RSS” links on the blog and the website. They are all basically the same, but as you choose an RSS Reader there is a slight chance that the link will be “incorrect” for whatever reader you have chosen – so in plaintext here is the same link in the three commonly accepted formats so that you can copy and paste if necessary: