Friends of Ballard Corners Park


We update this page with the fundraising status quarterly, and also have a summary of how you can help contribute to the park. You can help us reach our goals by participating in our easy fundraising measures:

  • You can give a cash donation – any amount is welcome – details are at our donate page.
  • Shop at – a great way to contribute while shopping – Fremont Place Books and Amazon will give 4% of you purchase price to the park.
  • Buy our t-shirts and buttons (online or by contacting us).
  • Shop at Ballard Market (and give us your receipts) – they will give us 1% of their purchases.
  • Named, commemorative park decorations (e.g. tiles) are in the plans and will be available soon - if you want to be on the list.

June 2007 Update

We've added the Large Project fund into our totals - 85% of the way there! Fundraising for the construction of the park is under way. The current estimate is that it will cost $441,000 to build the park. The estimate will be refined as the construction drawings take shape.

Build The Park

We have received or have commitments of $373,643 to date. We plan to get the bulk of the remaining funds from government and corporate grants. For these larger grants to be successful, we will need to show a deep commitment from the community. We have a $10,000 direct fundraising goal from the neighborhood and community. Your support is essential in the success of Ballard Corners Park.
Grant Amount Granted?
Grants Committed or In Hand
Pro-Parks Levy Development (Thanks, Citizens of Seattle!) $150,000 Y
King County (Thanks, Larry Phillips!) $20,000 Y
Safeco grant (Thanks, Rebecca Carr!) $500 Y
State Legislature (Thanks, Jeanne Kohl-Welles, Karen Fraser and Bill Fromhold) $125,000 Y
Seattle DON Large Projects Fund $75,000 Y
Potential Grants
King County/Metro Waterworks Grant $30,000
Seattle Public Utilities $1,000
King County Sports Youth Facility $20,000
Starbucks Neighborhood Park Grants $15,000
Seattle Foundation $3,000
Total $439,500 $370,500

Direct Fundraising

We have committed to raising at least $10,000 in direct funds from the community; our campaign was kicked off in November 2006. This will include local business contributions, direct donation from neighbors like you, percentage contributions for our internet shopping and from purchasing our buttons and t-shirts. Fundraising donations, such as tiles will be available this summer. You can make a direct impact by supporting the park by donating now or going to our online shop.

Volunteer Commitment

Many of the grants for developing the park (specifically the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods Small and Simple and Large Project grants) require matching contributions. This takes the form of "sweat equity" (volunteer hours) and community contributions of money. So far we have more than 1200 hours of volunteer time logged for this project ($13,769 worth! using the Department of Neighborhoods calculations) through volunteering, meeting attendance, fundraising, park maintenance and skilled webwork. We've also received $3,143 in direct funds from neighbors.