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new image of corner store

I just received this cool image of the corner store from Barker.  I think his associate Nic Morin somehow melded a photo with the Sketchup file.

sketch up design of "corner store" overlayed on current photo

sketch up design of "corner store" overlayed on current photo

Posted on May 19th 2009 by David Folweiler in Design | 5 Comments So Far |

5 Comments on “new image of corner store”

  1. John Says:

    Oh no… To me, that’s taking up WAYYYY to much grass/space/play area. Far too big. There’s no where left for kids to run around and play, kick soccer balls, do cartwheels, throw the football… All things I’ve seen happening in that area of grass since the park opened.

    Maybe if the counter / columns were closer to the sidewalk? I like the corner store idea still, it’s just really awkward in that position.

  2. Andrea Faste Says:

    I prefer the corner store option, but agree with John above that this one goes too deeply into the lawn. I like the checkered floor, and would like to push it out so it runs maybe one square deep along the sidewalk and under the stools on either side, while ending right under the door posts.

  3. Jeremy Says:

    I actually prefer the seating wall option because it would be more compatible with rambunctious play in that area of the park, but have no strong objection to the corner store design. I do agree that it should be moved as far out towards the sidewalk as possible, to preserve the already well-utilized play area.

  4. Laurette Says:

    Very attractive but I agree that it takes up too much space. Seating wall seems more practical.

  5. Errin Says:

    This is very nice but I also prefer the seating wall. More room to play. The donor tiles could find a home in many places as could a placard taking about the name & history of the park.

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