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Morgan’s corner store idea

Sometimes, when you give a multiple choice test, you still get an essay answer.  Here’s Morgan’s response to our recent vote.

“there should not be columns and low benches should not be in the style that they are currently designed.  I feel that the concrete bench should take on the same language as the curving low concrete walls of the play structure and skate dot walls.  Currently the park has two main design elements that have differing languages, to introduce a third distinctly different element with the corner store as currently designed would make the park as a whole not very cohesive.  See the attached pdf for a quick sketch.  The donor tiles could be incorporated into the vertical faces of the benches and possibly the archival historical photos could be incororated into the top of the benches.  At the moment there is only the small new york park bench for folks to sit on the north end of the park.  These benches would provide a place for parents to hang out while there kids are playing.  The bench bench around the play structure is probably too close to the action for a person that was not directly involved with there kids that where playing.  It also helps to define the north play meadow better and provides a bit of psychological protection from the traffic at the corner.”

Morgan's corner seatwall idea

Morgan's seatwall idea (click for full pdf)

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One Comment on “Morgan’s corner store idea”

  1. charliesmithmusic Says:

    Thank you Morgan. Great idea.
    My wife and I just moved in a block away from the park. We have been eagerly awaiting its opening. I have been following the blog. I was delighted to see Morgan’s response to the multiple choice question. I wanted to weigh in but I too was overwhelmed by the many design elements. Morgan’s seatwall is elegant and beautiful. It’s the sort of thing that would fit within this residential neighborhood for decades to come. I hope that there is enough funding to go ahead with an idea like this. Thanks to Morgan for the cohesive, well thought out addition to the park plans. Charlie

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