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Fundraising in 2007

2006 has been a big year for the park with the initial plans and grants starting the process for real.

2007, however, is the year where we need to raise money to make the park happen.

With that in mind we have now added the Fundraising page to the website, which we plan to update at least quarterly with our “official” figures – the December 2006 figures are included just now. More regular posts will report progress as it happens. The main page also sports a fundraising strip – $171,273 down, $269,727 to go.

There is also a Timeline page, detailing our plans for the next year, and which will have our fundraising goals highlighted.

The Paypal-based “Ballard Corners Park” merchandise shop is in construction, which will allow t-shirts and buttons to be purchased online – but in the meantime all members of the committee should feel free to sell or distribute them as appropriate ($10/shirt, $1/button) and contact David or Gordon for the goods.

With that in mind, it will always help to drive friends, family and interested people to the site. The best links to use are:

Feel free to circulate these links, add them to your own website and blogs, or use them as signatures on your email with catchy slogans such as these:

Help build a park: shop Amazon at
(a percentage of proceeds will contribute to the park)

Here’s to a Happy New Year and Fundraising in 2007.

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