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Nathan Arnold, artist with a dark and whimsical sense of humor

I was impressed that Nathan Arnold, our park artist, has made it onto the cover of the Daily Journal of Commerce – well his art did with a photo I took a while ago.

I was asked about him by Karen O’Connor, the PR person at Parks who did our Grand Opening.  I went to the park to interview him.  He’s so casual and self-effacing.  I tried to ask him about his “art” background, but he mostly told me he was mason and did regular masonry things – chimneys, rock walls, and “lots of bluestone”.  He told me he went to welding school, but could never find a job.

So, I was trolling around the internet looking for the photo that appeared in today’s Seattle Times and found this old P-I article on him.  It turns out he’s a tremendous artist and didn’t let on at all about any of it when I tried to interview him.  I’m unsure whether it speaks poorly of my interview skills or his lack of ego.

So, not only did he slip by me on the interview, he has a website for his art –

Then I came across this video of a very magnetic Nathan Arnold.

Did you see Johnny Jet Pack get launched at Gasworks Park?

Or how about cordless drill break dancing?

Or a puppet eating squirrel?

more is at his YouTube channel.

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