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One door closes, another opens

Representative Bill FromholdRecently, I wrote that I was going to meet with Hans Dunshee, who was, at the time, the Chair of the Washington State House Capital Projects Committee. However, since the recent election swept more Democrats into the state legislature, some changes have occurred.
For reasons beyond me, Dunshee slipped over to the Appropriations Committee to be number two behind the venerable local representative Helen Sommers. I suspect Dunshee saw it as a promotion, but I don’t know. It does put him right behind Sommers in seniority and should she decide to retire, he’d be in position to control some nice purse strings.

Now Rep. Bill Fromhold (from Vancouver, Washington) is the new chair of the Capital Budgets Committee.
I canceled my meeting with Dunshee and will meet with Fromhold on 4 Jan in Olympia.

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