Friends of Ballard Corners Park

One last round of edits for the panels

OK, folks.  I hope that this is the last round of edits.  After this, the panels are going to be put to bed.

Corner Store countertop

Site history countertop

vertical panel 1

vertical panel 2

As before, please add a comment below.  You might want to check the previous comments to see if your comment has already been addressed.  Then you can add your unique feedback.

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6 Comments on “One last round of edits for the panels”

  1. david Says:

    I think that the second image of the church doesn’t add much. I’d suggest something like this:
    Knute holding two fish
    “Knut holding two fish”, or some of these:


    Salmon Bay School (located at present Ballard Boys & Girls Club) at 20th and 64th

    logging/lumber mills:

    panorama of Ballard:

  2. Mark S. Says:

    A few little things for the “Corner Store Countertop”:

    – In the quote by Geraldine, “bee line” is one word (should be “beeline”)

    – Three of the photo captions don’t include a date. I’m guessing that’s b/c they’re unknown, but if we do have them it’d be nice to include and make it consistent.

    – Let’s add quotations to the sign description on the following caption to make it consistent:
    Established in 1890 by Pharmacist H.S.
    Calhoun, the Ballard Pharmacy was a
    neighborhood fixture for decades. It was located
    at 5209 Ballard Avenue. The sign on the side
    door reads “W. Johnson, Physician and Surgeon.”

    – For the main photo in the middle, can we add “from” to the caption and a period to make it consistent?
    Depression era photo of corner store that stood on this site from 1905-1964.

    – In the small print “written by” add a comma after Society:
    (written by Georia Selfridge, Ballard Historical Society, and David Folweiler, Friends of Ballard Corners Park, 2009)

    – I’m going to send a separate word document with revisions to the main text (a little too long for this comment system).

  3. Dave Boyd Says:

    I think it looks great, though I still think that if Davidya, John Barker, Nathan Arnold and the contractors get mentioned, the steering committee should, too. Perhaps that’s covered elsewhere.

    I like the photo of the planting party, but perhaps it would help if the caption said something like “. . . volunteers get instruction on planting the rain garden.”

    Very minor formatting suggestion: the Post Toasties ad is kin of tight to the text above. Perhaps it could be shrunk and/or moved down a bit.

  4. Gabriella Says:

    Overall I think the revisions look good. Thanks for doing this! I have a few comments about each panel:

    Corner Stores Panel-

    The word “Ballard” appears many times in the opening paragraph. How about changing it to: “Corner stores were integral to the culture and development of Ballard. During the early years there were corner stores on almost every street. These stores were a convenient place to buy food and supplies. As Ballard grew over the years the corner store, meat market, pharmacy, hardware store, flower shop, tailor and the shoe store were crucial to daily life. Having these supplies readily available to residents helped catalyze the growth of Ballard, especially from 1890 through 1930.”

    Delete the comma after “…the shoe store…”

    Change “Employees that weren’t family members…” to “Employees who weren’t family members…”

    In Shirly Faris’ pull quote that appears under the store photo, add NW to the address, so it reads: “1742 NW 6nd Street”

    For the caption under the corner store change “Depression era photo of corner store…” to “Depression era photo of the corner store…”

    I agree with David that the text above the Post Toasties is a bit squished. Another idea for making more space is to delete the sentence in the following paragraph that reads: “It probably couldn’t compete with larger grocery stores nearby.”

    In the caption for the H. Jacobsen photo capitalize the G in Groceries for the business name.

    For the top right photo caption change “This 1906 photos…” to “This 1906 photo…”

    Keep the punctuation consistent for the captions in the two top right photos: “People’s” vs. “Peoples”

    Keep the style of quotation marks consistent throughout all panels – “double quotes” vs. ‘single quotes.’

    Park History Panel-

    In the paragraph that begins “The north lot of the park site had a corner store…” delete the sentence that reads: “It was vacant until 1965 when it was torn down.” Keep the sentence which reads: “It stood empty until 1965 when it was torn down.”

    In the sentence that reads: “Groundswell NW provided guidance and served as a fiscal sponsor for the project” should it read “a” fiscal sponsor or “the” fiscal sponsor?

    Keep the quotation marks around phrases such as ‘living room,’ ‘corner store,’ and ‘don’t mind getting their feet wet’ consistent – with either ‘single quotes’ or “double quotes.”

    If we have one, I’d prefer to see a different photo of the rain garden – ideally one that shows the catchment basins.

    If we have one, I’d prefer a different photo of the planting work party – ideally one that shows more activity.

  5. Gabriella Says:

    Here are some comments about the long vertical panels:
    Long panel 1-

    For both panels 1 and 2 I think “Ave” should be “Avenue”

    In the caption for the 1st photo, add a period to the end of the sentence.

    For the caption for John Eckstrom’s Grocery it would be nice to have the address all on one line.

    For the caption for Peterson Plumbing and Heating how about changing the text of the first two sentences to read: “In the 1920’s Peterson Plumbing and Heating entered a float in a parade, complete with a toilet and clawfoot bathtub.”

    Panel 2-

    I agree with David – the recent photo of the church doesn’t really fit. I hope we can substitute something else here.

    In the first caption for Arthur Preston change “continues” to “continued” Also, change “Ave” to “Avenue” (or delete the period after “Ave.” in the last line). And change “Bartell’s” to “Bartell Drugs.”

    Thanks so much!!

  6. Andrea Faste Says:

    There are enough editors on this already. I am going to wait and be charmed.

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