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Latest countertop and column designs

Here are the latest designs for the countertops and column panels.  Please add comments below about how they can be improved.  We’re hoping to get our final edits in soon, so the panels can go into production.  There is an approximately six week turn-around.

Park History Panel

Corner Store History Panel

column panel 1

column panel 2

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7 Comments on “Latest countertop and column designs”

  1. david Says:

    corner store history panel –

    pull quote at the bottom “We lived at 1742 and” should be “We lived at 1742 62nd Street and”

    need a space between ‘register’ and ‘was’.

    site history panel –

    flow of text on left side is awkward where the pictures pinch it down to two lines of text

    caption for upper left photo – A Victorian home was built on the south lot of the park site in 1891.

    other house caption – The Victorian home was torn down in 1951 to be replaced by this one store house.

    the title should be changed – perhaps to “Ballard Corners Park Site History” or more simply “Park Site History”.

    change the comma after WS Contractors to a semicolon.

    caption for raingarden drawing might be “Raingardens divert surface water drainage away from the storm sewers, clean pollutants from storm water, provide habitat for wildlife, and reduce flooding.”

    raingarden drawing seems a bit pixelated.

    Caption for raingarden picture could be “A raingarden was created in Ballard Corners Park by extending the curb 5 feet into the street and creating a shallow depression.”

    I wonder if a different picture would work better here. It doesn’t really show the depression well.

    panel 1 –

    Peterson’s needs to be spelled correctly and capitalized in the caption for the bottom picture.

    Peterson’s photo was placed in both panels. I think once is plenty.

  2. Georgia Selfridge Says:

    panel 2 –

    picture 1 – suggested caption – “Druggist Arthur Preston owned and operated a drug store at 5311 Ballard Avenue NW. Bartell’s purchased the store but Arthur Preston continued to operate it for many years. After the store was purchased by Bartell’s the store relocated to 5344 Ballard Ave NW.”

    picture 2 – suggested caption – “Bartell Drugs moved to this location at 5344 Ballard Ave NW and then later to Market Street and subsequently to 22nd Ave NW.”

    panel 1 –

    picture 1 – You might want to delete the reference to Ray’s. If the park outlives Ray’s?

  3. Rebecca Carr Says:

    The caption related to the last photo on panel one – Peterson is misspelled in the last sentence and should be capitalized. Both panel 1 & panel 2 have this same photo!

  4. Gabriella Says:

    I don’t see any of the edits I originally suggested reflected in these revisions. I’m not sure if they were deliberately rejected or merely overlooked. In case of the latter I am including them here, along with some additional comments. Here are my suggestions for the Park History Panel:

    The opening paragraph does not fit with the rest of the text. In particular there is no logical segue between the first and second paragraphs. I’d suggest adding a final sentence in the opening paragraph saying something like: “Much of that history is reflected on this site.” Or I’d delete the opening paragraph altogether and possibly move it to the Corner Store History Panel.

    In the second paragraph remove the comma after “In 1951” and change “Marvin” to “He” in the beginning of the last sentence.

    Caption for upper left photo: “A Victorian home stood on the south lot of the park site from 1891-1951.”
    Other house photo caption: “This house replaced the Victorian house in 1951.”

    Amend the address in the 4th paragraph to “1710 NW 62nd Street”

    Change “This site was first envisioned as a potential site…” to “This site was first envisioned as a potential location…” so that “site” does not appear twice in the same sentence.

    Is “Seattle Department of Neighbors…” correct? Shouldn’t it be “Seattle Department of Neighborhoods…”?

    Change “…served as our fiscal sponsor.” to “…served as the fiscal sponsor for the project.”

    In the third paragraph under “Park History” I think the word “meeting” appears too many times. How about changing the text to read: “Barker Landscape Architects was selected to design the park with input from the community and the help of the newly formed Friends of Ballard Corners Park. The final master plan was the result of a public design process. Neighborhood volunteers worked closely with Barker Landscape Architects and Seattle Parks Department to create initial layouts and determine the primary park elements. Through a series of public meetings held at the Ballard Boys & Girls Club neighbors in the community expressed a strong desire to include a children’s play structure, an open lawn, a rain garden, an artful ‘living room,’ and an homage to the corner store that once stood on the north end of the park site. Neighbors were also strongly in favor of preserving the existing plum and apple trees.”

    Change “WS Contractors, they…” to “WS Contractors who…”

    Change “Nathan Arnold created the whimsical concrete furniture” to “Nathan Arnold created the whimsical concrete ‘living room’ furniture.”

    I’d prefer to see a different picture for the rain garden – one that includes the basins to the north.

    Caption for the photo: “A rain garden was created in Ballard Corners Park by extending the curb five feet into the street and creating a series of catchment basins.”

    I would change the rain garden section to read as follows: “The design of Ballard Corners Park includes a rain garden. To accomplish this the park site was extended five feet into the street and a series of basins were excavated for collecting stormwater runoff. The rain garden is planted with a variety of perennials, shrubs and trees that ‘don’t mind getting their feet wet.’ Rain gardens help to soak up rainwater from downspouts, driveways and sidewalks while protecting our local waterways. Stormwater contains pollutants from rooftops and streets. With no rain garden, stormwater drains to our streams and pollutes the watershed. A rain garden works by absorbing and filtering stormwater through amended soil layers and deep native plant roots. The rain gardens help fish and other wildlife enjoy cleaner water. When planted with the right types of plants, rain gardens also attract birds, butterflies and bees.”

  5. Gabriella Says:

    And here are my comments for the Corner Store History Panel:
    photo caption reads: “This drug store was located at 5344 Ballard Ave. This store had a soda fountain. A police officer and a girl are seated in the middle of the store.” Change to: “This drug store had a soda fountain and was located at 5344 Ballard Avenue.”

    pull quote reads: “We lived at 1742…” Change to “We lived at 1742 NW 62nd Street”

    Change “Schuessler’s Grocery on the corner of 20th Ave NW and 56th NW…” to “Schuessler’s Grocery on the corner of 20th Avenue NW and NW 56th Street…”

    “Daily delivery was standard” is unclear. Does this refer to home deliveries? If so, change to “Daily home delivery was standard.”

    Change the last 2 sentences of the third paragraph to read: “Regardless of its location and wares, the corner store was woven into the fabric of Ballard, serving to strengthen the community and enrich its history.”

    In the top right first paragraph combine the first two sentences to read: “The north lot of the Ballard Corners Park site had a corner store which was built in 1905 and operated as a neighborhood market until 1954.”

    Change “…a large selection of candy and confections along one counter stored in large glass jars.” to “…a large selection of candy and confections stored in large glass jars along one counter.”

    Change “As you look around Ballard the facades of many old corner stores exist, even if the store itself has been closed” to “The facades of many old corner stores still exist in Ballard. The ‘corner store’ built by Nathan Arnold for Ballard Corners Park pays homage to these historic places.”

  6. Gabriella Says:

    One more comment for the Park History Panel:
    Change the last 2 sentences of the bottom left paragraph to read: “It stood empty until 1965 when it was torn down. The lot remained vacant until park construction began in 2006.”

  7. Gabriella Says:

    Here are my comments about the vertical column panels:
    Panel 1-
    I agree with Georgia about deleting the reference to Ray’s.

    For the Trapp Hardware caption change the second sentence to read: “It was owned and operated by Charles Trapp, pictured standing on the far left.”

    In the second to last photo caption it mentions “Bjarni Johannsson was a druggist…” I don’t see him pictured. If he’s not in the picture it doesn’t make sense to me to mention him here.

    Panel 2-
    I think in the caption that reads “Druggist Arthur Preston operated this drug store…” the word “Druggist” should be deleted – it’s redundant.

    I noticed a discrepancy between Georgia’s revisions and the original for the address of the relocated Bartells store – is it 5344 or 5349 Ballard Ave NW?

    Finally, I think we should be consistent in our use of “Ave” vs. “Avenue” and “St” vs. “Street” etc.

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