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Meeting with Legislators – 20 and 21 Dec 06

Senator Karen FraserI’ve set up meetings now with the leaders of the capital budget on the House and Senate side of the Washington State Legislature.  Our first meeting was arranged very graciously by our local State Senator Jeanne Kohl-Welles.  She had already arranged to meet with the Vice Chair and Capital Budget Chair of the Senate Ways and Means Committee Senator Karen Fraser (how’s that for the world’s longest title?).  Senator Kohl-Welles put in a half hour meeting with Senator Fraser at 11:30 on 20 Dec 06 for us to meet with her.  Her subcommittee controls the capital budget in the Senate.

Representative Hans DunsheeeNot to leave out the House of Representatives, both of our local representatives, Helen Sommers and Mary Lou Dickerson suggested that we contact Representative Hans Dunshee, the chair of the House Capital Budget Committee.  I’ve arranged to meet with him at 10:30 on 21 Dec 06 to present our project.

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