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Phase III design documents and cost estimate

From Barker, here are some documents for the design and construction of Phase 3 – to include the corner store and:
• Another bench in the south raingarden
• More trees (near benches and behind the furniture) and plantings
• Lawn restoration
• Sealing the foundation walls to protect against graffiti
• Fill in the gap between the sidewalk and the pad for the bench in the north raingarden

cost estimate phase 3 revised 10 jul 09

corner store design

counter options

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3 Comments on “Phase III design documents and cost estimate”

  1. Davidya Says:

    The 3 design elements look fine. I’m wondering if there is a budget line for installing the donor tiles along with grafitti proofing.??

  2. david Says:

    Good question, Davidya! The donor tile installation is included in the line items. On the graffiti guard, I’ll have to check.

  3. Marcia Says:

    Looks good. On the counter options, the top example says “corner’s” instead of corners.

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