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Design Commission Meeting – We were blessed!

John Barker at Design CommissionJohn Barker, our landscape architect, was kind enough to offer me a ride in his fuel-sipping biodiesel-fueled VW TDI to a meeting in front of the City of Seattle Design Commission. I felt ashamed pulling up to his office in the 16 year-old SUV I inherited from my father, which I seem to be unable to part with.

Pamela Kliment at the Design CommissionWe met Pam Kliment, our Parks and Recreation Project Manager outside the meeting. The Commission wanted to hear from her more generally about the the Department of Neighborhoods matching fund park projects. She gave a short PowerPoint presentation, which seemed well received.

John got up and explained some of the key features of the park. I chimed in with a bit of what the neighbors wanted in the park. Surprisingly the commission didn’t have a lot of critical comments about the park. They were extremely supportive of John’s design.

Ironically, two of the commissioners came up to me after the meeting and told me that they knew me. Both seemed familiar, but I couldn’t place them. One was the husband of my wife’s work colleague and the other was the mother of a my daughter’s classmate. What a small world!

The one comment that was repeated twice was that we should add or re-emphasize a path from the quiet contemplative southern area to the children’s play area. They thought that this would allow parents to stroll sleepy infants around the park while the toddlers played and discourage transients/unwanted from the quieter southern gathering area.

In the end the commission passed a resolution (non-binding) that was in strong support of our park. We were pleased.  The minutes from the meeting are here.
Afterwards, John and I helped Pam carry her heavy gear to the car and took a self-guided tour of City Hall. Then I trundled off to give Rep. Mary Lou Dickerson her Ballard Corners Park button and enlist her support in the next legislative session.

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