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Pre-History (according to Davidya)

The pre-history of the project, written from David (Folweiler’s) perspective including the Davidya history. Some formatting (a little) has been added by the webmonkey in the move to v3 of the site.

Prehistory (before I got involved)

The Ballard Corners Park was envisioned by nearby resident, architect, and regional planner Davidya Kasperzyk. Davidya is a board member of Groundswell NW and was heavily involved in the development of the new Ballard Commons park.  

About Ballard Corners Park, he writes:

"Our [Ballard] neighborhood has a growing density, with a large population of children, elders and families living in a mix of single-family and multi-family residences (LDT
). The acquisition of this property filled a need [Crown Hill/Ballard Neighborhood Plan] identified in the Ballard Hub Urban Village for a neighborhood park in our arterial quadrant.

There is now no park within our arterial boundaries (15th and 20th Avenues NW, NW 55th and 65th Streets [of Seattle]). During the acquisition process, we had over 50 neighbors attend community meetings and our “grand opening” was attended by over 75 neighbors.

There is a clear need for active program elements and a quiet green within our neighborhood. This process will help us meet and join together with neighbors as citizens in a common project to better our neighborhood.

  • Our Oct. 10th, 2002 meeting at the nearby Ballard Boys and Girls
    had 29 signed in participants.
  • Our April 16, 2002 Petition “We Need A Park” had 67 neighbors signatures.
  • Our gala opening the Site on June 20, 2003 had over 75 persons (17 toddlers) play on site.
  • The site has been maintained by the adjoining neighbor, two adult males, and two teenage boys in the neighborhood. This has included lawn mowing, debris and waste removal, composting of the apples on site, minor vandalism repair and mitigation and site amenities including chairs.

  • The nearby Ballard Boy’s and Girl’s Club, Salmon Bay Elementary & Middle
    , and Ballard High School could provide a chance for participation and inclusion in the Park Planning Process.
  • Seven neighbors participated in acquiring the signature pledges for this application going door to door. There is a lot of support and need (especially for kids) for this Park.
  • We (an initial Steering Committee of 10) would like to have up to three children advise or actively participate in our Steering Committee work.

Groundswell NW and the Ballard Open Space Coalition (BOSC) first identified the property as an acquisition opportunity as part of their Ballard/Crown Hill Open Space Inventory and Action Plan, an Neighborhood Matching Fund (NMF) project involving over 200 Ballard citizens from all sectors of the community in 1996. That project included presentations on the value of open space to nine neighborhood organizations, at which volunteers were trained to walk every street in the area to identify open space acquisition and enhancement opportunities. The property adjacent to the project site was among over 100 acquisition opportunities identified, then presented to the community at a series of three public forums. At these forums, open space needs were discussed and evaluated and criteria were established for prioritizing acquisitions. Then these criteria were applied to the opportunity sites and priorities were established. This property rose to the top group of priority sites, and owners were sent letters to determine their interest in selling their property for public open space."

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