Friends of Ballard Corners Park

Nathan’s work at the park on the easy chair

Nathan Arnold is working on the side chair for the “living room” at the park.

chair base

chair base

chair base with time capsule hole

chair base with time capsule opening

Nathan mixes concrete

Nathan mixes concrete

Nathan adds concrete to the chair form

Nathan adds concrete to the chair form

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2 Comments on “Nathan’s work at the park on the easy chair”

  1. ab Says:

    Hi – I live near the new park and I am very excited and thankful to have a park going in. I don’t mean to be a buzz kill, but it’s beginning to seem like the current plan is a bit overkill and spending money for the sake of spending money. The landscaping is nice, but now we have a curvy sidewalk, an archway?, concrete furniture, etc. Once again, the park is great, but I think we need to know when to say ‘when’.


  2. david Says:

    ab –

    I appreciate the feedback and I’m glad you took the time to make the comment.

    I think it might be helpful to understand the park’s history. The site was first identified by Groundswell NW as a possible park. It was then included on the Pro-Parks Levy list.

    I first became involved in 2006. We held a series of three design meetings in which residents had ample time to comment and steer the design. It was the community that wanted all the elements of the park.

    We, as the steering committee, are trying to implement the community’s will. That said, you are not the only person who thinks the park is over designed. We will keep your comments in mind as we proceed.

    The last element of the park that we are wrestling with is the “corner store”. We don’t have the money to implement it as designed; therefore we are looking at alternatives. There is a mock up at the park right now which shows the massing of some of the elements that we are thinking about.

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