Friends of Ballard Corners Park

Welcome to revision 3 of our website

Our website has undergone a slight change tonight, and has taken the “oh-so-modern” blog format. This change is to allow our steering committee to update the website with information as it happens, and allow you to receive updates without having to wait for mass emails.

You can see that David has already posted about many of his fundraising meetings this week.

There will still be semi-regular emails sent out if you have subscribed to Friends of Ballard Corners Park, but feel free to check this site for updates, or use our RSS feeds to receive posts as they occur. (What is RSS?).

Anyone can comment on any article on the website, and all steering committee members can consider posting articles – if you want an account then contact Gordon using Contact Us.

Finally a little history – David created version 1 of the website with this banner:

and then followed up with version 2 which had this logo:

I have created version 3 to implement the blog functionality: but David and the committee members will continue to provide most of the content and value of the website. We have kept the basic “look and feel” of the original website as designed by David.

Even Einstein parks it.

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