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Phase 2 Begins

Today marked a momentous date.  I signed a document directing Dariotis Construction to proceed.  It’s a document called a Notice to Proceed.  It says that they should begin construction and be “substantially” done in 100 calendar days (3/19/09) and physically complete in 120 calendar days (4/8/09) or be penalized $300 per day.  I gave Chris an extra 5 days since the official “pre-con” (this is construction speak which I am trying hard to grasp) or pre-construction meeting won’t happen until 12/9.  It felt odd to have this sort of power.  I have this nagging feeling that Seattle City officials will suddenly yank the rug out from underneath me by saying that I did something really wrong.

John Barker and Jeff Mumma (from Barker Landscape Architects) and I met Chris Dariotis and his crew on site today to kick off construction.  Chris’ crew moved the fence to the curb, set up a tool bin, and set up a bit of the erosion control (filter cloth in the catch basin).

Later, Will Stevenson came by because Jeff Mumma called him about a leak in the irrigation system.  It was nice to see him again.  There was a brief mention in the morning by Chris that he was considering using WS Contractors (our contractor for Phase 1) as a concrete subcontractor.  I admire their concrete work and approved of the idea.

Also, Jody Stewart came by with some fliers for the fence – mainly talking about donor tiles.  We put them up with zip ties.  Jonah (Jody’s infant son) and Gage (her aging Lab) looked on.  Gage pissed here and there and Jonah made cooing noises. The sun shone.  It was all pleasant.  Some day, I will watch as Jonah plays at the park and Gage waters the plants or rests in the park.

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