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Weekly Construction Meeting

I have willingly attended the weekly construction meetings on Thursday mornings at 7:15.  Am a glutton for punishment?  Perhaps.  Nonetheless, it gives me a chance to see the construction progress and photograph it for posterity.

It also gives me a chance to know all the players better and interact with them.  I, as is my want in life, ask many questions.  I was the sort of student who sat in way back of the most enormous classrooms (think 500 hundred students in my Freshman classes at the University of Massachusetts) and asked the most inquisitive questions during the periods of time I was awake.  I irritated many of my fellow students.  The ones I irritated the most were the ones who took copious, verbatim notes.  My questions would interrupt the professors’ natural flow/monologue.  I wanted a discourse and being the very curious person I am, I wanted answers to my questions and a deeper understanding of the subject.  In the other warm moments when I was in the upper level of the warm classroom/lecture hall, I was sound asleep.

To the huge irritation of my colleagues, I would then pull all ‘A’s in the tests.  They simultaneously revered/hated me.

Here and now, I publicly apologize to my fellow students who disliked/couldn’t stand my incessant questions.

play structure with wood chips

play structure with wood chips

topsoil and meeting attendees

meeting attendees - Chris Jewell, Jeff Mumma, Jared Stevenson, and Virginia Hassinger

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