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More Progress – Third Concrete Pour

WS Contractors, particularly Will (in the orange vest), does well with concrete.  I like his technique.  Jeff, the project manager from Barker Landscape, is in the blue jacket on the left.  Virginia Hassinger, the Seattle Parks Department project manager, is on the right looking on.

ADA ramp into play structure

The ADA accessible ramp into the play area.

electrical box pad

The electrical box will go here.

mow strips

This tiny little concrete strips make life easier for the Parks maintenance crew.  They don’t have to edge against the foundation walls with a string trimmer.  Instead, the mower’s wheels ride on concrete.

pad and walk

This is the northerly pad and walkway to the play area.

entrance to play area

Jeff and Will look at the concrete ramp.  It appears that it might need a bit of shortening as the ramp seems to project too far into the “bathtub” that will become the play area.  This is an issue because the ramp appears to be in the “fall zone” from the play structure.

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