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Where’s the cash, Jack?

I spent a portion of my day getting organized for applying for grants. After hearing that we are too late for many grants for this year, I started planning ahead for next year.

Here’s my list:

Grant Name dollars available due date,
letter of intent
due date,
King County
Wild Places in City Spaces
$10,000 5/07?
King County
Youth Sports Facility Grant Fund
$75,000 possible
$20,000 more likely
for play elements
5/4/07 6/29/07
Safeco ? 2,5,8,10/07?
Pemco ?
Starbucks $15,000 4/07?
IAC/WWRP $300,000 3/08? 4/08?
Seattle Foundation $3,000?
Home Street Bank ?
Miller Foundation ?
Waterworks $50,000 5/07?
SPU Water Quality $5,000 anytime

Sadly, we’re too late to apply for the WWRP grant for the 2007-09 biennium, which is a large state fund for parks and other projects. And during the next legislative session (2008) only a “supplement” budget will be considered and it probably won’t include any WWRP projects. We’ll still work with the state legislators to try for a line item in the 2007 session.

Butch Lovelace, the Program Manager for the King County Youth Sports Facility grant thought that our place structure and natural play elements would be eligible.

I also spoke with Rose Feliciano, the city’s State Legislative Liaison. She lobbies the state legislature on behalf of the city. She told me it was too late to be included in the city’s budget request to the state, which is nearly finalized for this year.

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