Friends of Ballard Corners Park

Seatwalls are done!

snaking skate/seatwall

Here is the seatwall that leads to the play structure area.  Note the embedded galvanized metal rail that is for skaters to “grind” on.  One of the functions of our park is to try to include people of varying ages.  Skaters do not currently have enough places to skate, so we have included a “skate spot” for them. 

playground seatwall

The seatwall that forms a ring around the playground.  There are boulders added for interest and to keep the skaters from flying into the play structure area.

golden glow

My son Daniel noticed this beautiful aspen/birch (I don’t completely know the difference) in the traffic circle adjacent to the park.  He said, “take a picture of it, Dad.”  So, I did.

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