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WS Contractors

The low bidder for the ‘base bid’ on the park was WS Contractors. According to the website, they have been awarded the contract. But, word from Parks is that they still have to post a bond.

Developer Donation

Catherine Darley and Dave Boyd, both Groundswell NW board members, along with others are working on a project they call % For Green. The program does outreach to local (Ballard) developers to encourage them to contribute a bit of their resources to helping create green and open spaces. They have one well known developer who has expressed an interest in contributing to our park. He may help construct an element of the park; we can use it as a match for some of our grants. I’ll keep you posted.

Donor Tile Design

Jody and Mark Stewart are plugging away on the donor tile design. There has been a lot of refinement and we are getting close to a final design. I’ll send you a link to an image when we get closer.

Picnic at the Precinct

This Saturday June 28th from 1-4 P.M. at 10049 College Way North. All North Precinct community members are invited. Enjoy dancing, music, food, magic, balloons, raffles! Get a Precinct Tour, meet local Officers, SWAT, K-9 and more. You can use this flyer to notify your neighbors if you wish.

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