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Update on Bidding, Contracting, and Phased Construction

First, there was a decision made by people at the city (Dept. of Neighborhoods) that we can’t piggyback onto the Parks’ Dept. bidding process (for many and varied reasons).  So, we will have to rebid the raingardens, living room, and corner store.

Sadly, this will set us back on both the time frame to completion and most likely cost.  The contractor for phase 2 won’t be able to start until the ‘base bid’ (phase 1) substantially finishes.  It is possible that it may be the same contractor, but even so, the work for phase 1 needs to be signed off on before phase 2 begins. 

I’ll be asking John Barker (our landscape architect) to redo the bid documents to reflect a new bid process that has the raingardens as the ‘base bid’, and the living room and corner store as additives (in that order).  This reflects the will of the community as priorities for the park.  It appears possible that we won’t be able fund all the elements, but we’ll cross our finger for low bids.

There has been a protest to WS Contractors’ bid.  I don’t know the final outcome of the protest.  We’re hoping that the protest won’t stand, so we can get the low bid, which is some $17K lower than the second bid.  Nonetheless, it is not resolved and the contract is not yet awarded.  Thus, WS can’t yet proceed.

The timeline has slipped (yet again).  So, the new timeline looks like this: probably construction on the ‘base bid’ will start within a month or so and be done by Labor Day or so.  Then phase 2 starts and is done by November, possibly?  None of this firm yet.  I’ll keep you posted.

Also, Laurie Ames will be taking Patricia Lopez’ place as our new Dept. of Neighborhoods project manager.

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