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Construction Bids

It has been a confusing couple of weeks.  First, in an attempt to communicate clearly with potential bidders about the full scope of our project, I inadvertently caused a one week delay in receiving bids as Parks tried to figure out if I’d done anything wrong.

We received bids on the ‘base bid’ (the core of the park) of our project last Wednesday (6/4).  Five contractors bid on the project.  WS Construction was the low bidder. Parks tells me that they have enough money in their budget ($150K in Pro-Parks money and $20K from the great King County Councilmember Larry Phillips) to fund the $118K construction cost.  The other money goes to the designer and Parks oversight.

After protracted discussions with the Parks Department and the Department of Neighborhoods, it appears likely that our original plan to piggy-back onto the Parks Department bid process will not fly.  We had hoped to be able to contract with the low bidder for the base bid for the ‘additives’ (raingardens, living room, and corner store, in order of community preference).

The end result is that this appears to make our project a two-phase deal.  WS (if they get the contract) will do the base bid and we will go out to bid for the remainder separately.  If we’re lucky, Phase 2 begins as Phase 1 ends and it’s a fairly seamless operation.

The good news is that construction on Phase 1 might begin in a few weeks!

I’ve spared you the varied, many, and gory details.  If you want them, feel free to email or call me.

Playground Equipment

We are now in possession of the playground equipment.  Two large men, a pallet jack, a lift gate, and lots of grunting put the very large and heavy shipping crates into my garage (1300 pound worth!).  It’s kind of exciting.  We just need a place to put it (i.e. a park!).

Ballard Market Receipts

Thanks to all of you that remember to get your receipts to me.  Gabriella is burning the midnight oil adding them up to turn them into cash.  Just drop them in the mail or my mailbox at 1725 NW 64th St.  We get 1% of the purchase amounts.

Don’t forget that Amazon gives us 4% of your purchase amount (no extra cost to you) if you click through our website on the way there.

Donor Tiles

Soon, we will have images for you to view of our donor tiles.  We have a tile designer working on the issue.  Watch your inbox for an opportunity to support your neighborhood park by buying a tile!

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