Friends of Ballard Corners Park

First Community Meeting – 6 Apr 06

On Thursday, 6 Apr 06, we held the first of three public
community meetings at the Ballard Boys & Girls Club.  We were pleased to have approximately 40 community members present.  They represented old and young
residents, renters and homeowners, lay people and designers.  

John Barker, principal landscape architect of Barker Landscape Architects, speaks to the community group.

John showed us his sketch ("base map") of the current
site.  It includes existing vegetation, the fencing, and the house on the south lot.  The perennially parked van and
boat were also sketched in.

After John Barker and Page Crutcher of Barker Landscape introduced
themselves and we discussed the park design process, the community members broke into small groups to design the park. 
Each subgroup added the elements they wanted and placed them on "base maps" in the places they wanted to see them.

A subgroup discussion ensues on
a proposed design.

Children participated as well.  This subgroup ended up proposing an
off-leash cat area with agility training.  They also proposed large chicanes on 17th to slow traffic.

A bit more serious, this subgroup entertained different park
elements and concepts.

Sketching out plans allowed each person in attendance to be heard. 
Everyone had a chance to say what they wanted in a park.

We were pleased to have a diverse group of neighbors to aid us in the
park design.

Steering committee members Rebecca Carr and Davidya Kasperzyk discuss
design with Page Crutcher of Barker Landscape Architects.

Steering Committee member Jared Strand (right) discusses the park with a
community member.

Special thanks are extended to Lydia Strand for the
excellent photographs.

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