Friends of Ballard Corners Park

Fence knock-down party – 8 Apr 06

On a drizzly Saturday, 8 Apr 06, community members met to
knock down the existing fence.  Amazingly, some 15 people showed up to clean up the park, remove the fence, and chop down the
Himalayan blackberries.

Alika Jay digs out a fence post.

Decked out in rain gear, Davidya Kasperzyk and Gabriella Moeller discuss strategy to tackle the blackberries.

Davidya and Brent Bottles strategize on the blackberries.

Gabriella Moeller, Jared Strand, and David
Briggs hack back the blackberries.

Brent and Alika move onto the next task.

Young and old help.  That’s my stepfather, all the way from South
Dartmouth, Massachusetts – Dave Chipman.

Finishing up on the blackberries.

Jared and Brett cut the fence away.

John Morefield and David
Briggs work together to knock down the fence.

Yanking out posts.

Jared and John work together.

Mr. Traverso, 81 years young, recalled Boutin’s Grocery, which was located
on the north lot.  He said it was a front for bootlegging.  He owns the rental property behind him at the Northeast
corner of 62nd and 17th.  He also said
he’d break the camera with his image, but it didn’t seem to happen.

Discovered in the blackberries was a bucket of rusty tools, some tennis
balls from dogs, and a golf ball.

John rolls up the old fence.

Sara watching in the rain.

Jared through the rolled up fence material.

Special thanks are extended to Lydia Strand for the
excellent photographs.

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