Friends of Ballard Corners Park

Easter Egg Hunt – 16 Apr 06

On a variably sunny and chilly Easter Sunday at 10 AM, we sponsored
an egg hunt of sorts.  There are many young children in the neighborhood.  Adults and older children assisted in hiding
the eggs.

The neighborhood gathers for an Easter egg hunt.

The older children wait expectantly as the younger children get a turn,
unhindered, to seek eggs.

Fiona gathers eggs at a pace suited to her two years on this planet.

Eva examines a plastic "egg." 

Eva and Joseph look for more eggs.

Once the older children are let go, it’s pure mayhem.

Taylor and Alta begin the search for Easter eggs.

Taylor anticipates finding Easter eggs.

Pure joy!

Camille, an experienced six-year-old hunter, wastes no time in her egg search.  Sprinting is the name of her game.

Camille and Lili scan for more eggs.

Rebecca watches as Darius and Mercedes hunt for eggs.

Camille quickly gathers one of her many eggs.

Fiona and Daniel share a find.  This is my favorite photo.  Pure

Credits for photos go to Brent Bottles, Davidya Kasperzyk, and
David Folweiler.

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