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When will the dirt fly?

shovel dirt

I am, perhaps more than some people, anxious to see some construction begin.

We are in a waiting state currently. SDOT and DEA have our plans and we await their blessing to proceed to construction bidding. I only recently became aware of the Department of Executive Administration (DEA). Apparently, they spend time checking that our ‘i’s are dotted and ‘t’s crossed before we go out to bid.   As a public park and public construction process, we are subject to all kinds of regulations and rules.

The latest estimate is that we will be out of DEA in a few weeks and out of SDOT in an undetermined amount of time. The lack of information from SDOT is particularly frustrating to me as we are paying for them to review our project. I gave them a check for $2500 as a down payment on the review. It seems to me that they should be very responsive to us, but they do not appear to be.

Fortunately, the SDOT process shouldn’t hold up the rest of the park. At the advice of people with more experience than I, we seperated out the raingardens from the rest of park. The current scheme is to put everything except the raingardens out to bid, then negotiate a change order with the contractor. If we are lucky, we won’t get an astronomical bid that will blow the budget. Let’s cross our fingers.

crossed fingers

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