Friends of Ballard Corners Park

The Second Community Meeting – 18 May 06

We held our second community meeting on May 18th to review Barker’s alternative designs.

David Folweiler opened the meeting with a mercifully brief statement.


John Barker and Page Crutcher presented their alternative plans: A, B, C, D

John BarkerPage Crutcher

A D & F together. A, D, & F were the plans that the steering committee preferred.

Brent Bottles and Mackenzie Gavery participate.

Brent Bottles and Mackenzie Gavery participate.

Jared Strand

Jared Strand shared several concerns he had about the
alternative designs. He seemed most concerned that people
would congregate near his apartment at the South end of
the park.

Gabriella Moller

Gabriella Möller gives feedback about the designs.

Mackenzie Gavery

Mackenzie Gavery gives her impressions.

Mark Donovan

Mark Donovan states his views.

Pam Kliment

Pam Kliment, our Seattle Parks and Recreation project manager
listens to John and Page’s presentation and shares concerns that
Parks has about the design.
Others listen

Others listen to the presentation.

Sam Star

Others listen as Sam Star, the executive director of Groundswell NW,
our fiscal sponsor, shares his wisdom.

Susan O'Neill

Susan O’Neill, who has grandchildren nearby tells us what she’d
like in a park.

Special thanks are extended to Lydia Strand for the excellent photographs.

Photographs on this post (c) Lydia Strand 2006

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