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Remember Amazon

2007 is almost over, so it’s getting near the time of year where presents are being bought for the upcoming holiday season.

This is a gentle reminder about a simple way to give the park “free money”. Simply use the Ballard Corners Park Shop link ( to shop online – mostly from – and at least 4% of your purchase price will go to the park.

Feel free to distribute this link to your family, friends, and the admin at your office who orders all the books and other stuff from Amazon!

Since about this time last year almost $5000 has been spent through our links, making the park more than $200 in referrals – not necessarily a lot of money, but as we like to call it free money. Certainly enough to plant a bed of flowers or help with some grant-matching contributions.

Remember to share the idea too, by adding a signature to the bottom of all your personal email such as:

Help build a park: shop Amazon at
(a percentage of proceeds will contribute to the park)

And your privacy is secure – who orders what and delivers it to who is never made available to the referral service, only the details relating to the orders that allow the referral values to be checked.

Shop away, and make money for the Park!

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