Friends of Ballard Corners Park

Garage Sale – Sunday 30 Aug 06

Our garage sale was a success! We raised $313.91, nearly 0.08% of the construction budget ($430,000). We only have to hold 1322 more garages sales to fund the development of the park.

OK, it wasn’t a great fundraiser, but we did raise awareness for the park and meet some neighbors, which was really the goal, as it is for tomorrow’s Night Out.

Special thanks go to Gabriella Moeller for coming up with the idea and organizing the event. Brent Bottles and Alta helped immensely during the sale, as did others.

Pam Kliment (our project manager at Seattle Parks) took this wonderful “arty” picture. She says it was made with a “Holga” – a double exposure. She and her husband came by to donate items and pick up a few necessary kitchen goods.

Holga at the garage sale

You can make out me (David Folweiler) on the right in blue, my co-chair Rebecca Carr in pink, and her daughter in the foreground.

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