Friends of Ballard Corners Park

The MOA (Memorandum of Agreement) is signed!!!

What a relief!  We are operating with such a tight timetable that I was beginning to sweat getting all of our funding in place.  Our second largest funder is the state with $125,000.  They wouldn’t release the money without a signed agreement.

The agreement actually ties together three parties: the Friends of Ballard Corners Park, Groundswell NW (our fiscal sponsor), and the Parks Department.  Here is a copy of the agreement.

Note that it is not a maintenance agreement.  It just spells out the financing roles.

I had to go down to the RDA building yesterday and hover around Kevin Stoops office and coordinate with Jon Jainga, who was working from home and communicating by cell phone (what did we ever do before them?).

While I was there I ran into two Parks employees who I knew from the pools I swim at and Dan “Dantastic” Johnson, another fellow I know.  It is a really small world.

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