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Design Refinement

The steering committee met with John Barker on 12 Sep 07 at his office. Gabriella, Rebecca, Gordon and I were in attendance. John showed us his latest designs, which include the simulations below. More is here.

Living Room Simulation

Corner Store Simulation

We talked about various design elements and their relationship to the space. (See the plan view here.) We were concerned about the distance from the sidewalk to the play area pinching off the grassy area. We also debated the living room and decided to get rid of the coffee table in favor of a design element in the hardscape patio (i.e. area rug, mosaic, embedded metal element, etc.. We also talked at length about the corner store entry. I wondered if the current design made the entry too massive. Please post any comments you might have below (where it says ‘leave comments’ in green). We welcome commentary.

Gabriella had suggestions about the plants. We suggested she talk directly to Brenda at Barker’s office, who has been working on the planting plan.  The planting layout can be seen here.

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4 Comments on “Design Refinement”

  1. david Says:

    From Stephen Lundgren –

    The trees at eastern street edge look to be visually transparent from the street, for safety views of park activity, but the SW corner esp looks that it might be a hiding place esp after the foliage matures. Tom Whittemore and I had the same concerns with the ground cover when we were touring the new Ballard Commons, up in the NW corner, and I have them here even more so with such a secluded park.
    If I have more thoughts will let you know, please post these as coming from me at

    Thanks Stephen

  2. david Says:

    From Sam Star –


    Thanks for the opportunity to comment on the design. I really like it. I have a major concern about graffiti. Many of the surfaces shown (entryway, living room furniture, house foundation walls, and the counter) look like prime targets for graffiti tags. Maybe the project can include tiles, mosaics and/or texturing of the smooth surfaces?

    The store counter could create hiding spaces. Maybe the counter can have an open design.


  3. david Says:

    From Andrea Faste –

    I do love the entry portal with the counter features. I’m not so crazy about the living room furniture in cement. Agree with David B. that they could be graffitti targets, but more than that, we are trying to get kids to
    engage with nature, not simulate being in a living room indoors, so I prefer the pictures as I saw them in Design F, which looked just more like outdoor play areas. I’d consider perhaps a clump of bamboo (well barriered so it won’t spread…or even a 10 x 10 area allowed to grow to tall grass, so kids have the option of knowing what it is like to get lost in tall grass. Overall, however, this is YOUR neighborhood, so you need to do what you think your kids would like. I think you have done a masterful job of managing this project, and however it turns out, it will be great.

    Andrea Faste

  4. david Says:

    From Keith Ellis –

    I suppose this would also be a good time to ask about physical separation between the park and the two adjacent lots (ie: will there be a fence or hedge dense enough to insure the privacy/safety of the
    neighboring yards)? It appears from the plan that the hedge will be removed which will leave our yard quite exposed, and the replacement does not appear dense enough to prevent passage.

    best regards –

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