Friends of Ballard Corners Park

Community Meeting – 20 Sep 06

We had a productive meeting with approximately a dozen neighbors.

We discussed meeting regularly. We agreed that meeting once per month at the Ballard Boys & Girls club on the third Wednesday at 7 seemed good. See you on 18 Oct at 7.

We discussed the new Small and Simple grant from the Department of Neighborhoods for $15,000. Previously, we were stymied by the inability to do further design by the lack of a topographical survey. We couldn’t do the survey because the city doesn’t own the South lot. We discussed work-arounds. We could employ Barker to further develop the design of the rain gardens, which are in the right of way (and thus can be surveyed topographically). Another thought was expressed that Parks could ask the landowner if we could step onto his property long enough to do a survey, thus allowing Barker to further the design on the whole park and refine the cost estimate.

We discussed development of a brochure for fundraising and community development purposes. Sam brought some great examples. I’ll work on a mock-up.

We discussed getting T-shirts made. Gordon is going to look into hitting up Ballard Sip and Ship and the other T-shirt shop on Ballard Ave for a discount for sponsorship.

We discussed (and decided on) a fall planting event. Save Sunday, 15 Oct at 10 AM on your calendar. We’ll plant bulbs for the spring and other fine things to spruce things up in the interim as park construction probably won’t begin until 2008. Davidya pointed out that the two roundish shrubs don’t enhance the space (primarily due to location) and we should remove them. Apparently the blackberries are rearing their ugly heads, despite cardboard and wood chips. We’ll attack them again. I’ll consult with Phoebe and Gabriella about a plan.

I’ll check with the Market St. Starbucks to see if they’ll help us out on that date. They have a community volunteer program that may help us with both volunteers and money. Haley will send me the info.

That’s most of what we discussed. Watch your inbox and the website for more…

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