Friends of Ballard Corners Park

July Update

House Deconstruction
We had some press recently in the Ballard News Tribune. It was a piece about deconstructing the house on the site, rather than demolishing and throwing it all in a landfill. KUOW has picked up on it and may do a piece about reducing waste using it as an example.

The Parks Dept. is working out logistics with the Seattle Conservation Corps, Re-Store, and Seattle Public Utilities to begin the process. Apparently lead paint is the current snag. I’ll keep you posted.

July Meeting Canceled
There won’t be a steering committee meeting in July. Rebecca and I will be receiving the Large Project Fund grant award for $75,000 tomorrow night in lieu of the meeting. We’ll meet again on the third Wednesday of August, 15 Aug, at 7 PM at the Ballard Boys & Girls Club.

Grants and Fundraising
Home Depot is seriously considering our request for $3000 (thanks to Christine Larsen who suggested we apply for it). We are in the running for two King County Grants – the Youth Sports Facility Grant (for the play structure) and the Waterworks Grant (for the raingarden). I also sent out a plea to Pryde+Johnson, the developer for Hjarta, a condominium complex on Market for $10,000.

We currently have $373,000 in funding raised, but we have a goal of $450,000 to cover all of our costs.

Trees for the parking strip
I’ve been in communication with Linden Mead with the Urban Forestry Program at the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT). She is trying to see if we can get trees for the park and the neighborhood through the Bridging the Gap Levy. The city is trying to plant over 1000 trees per year for the next several years. She’s agreed, in principle, to supply trees for the park and for the parking strips in the neighborhood. SDOT will maintain the trees for the first several years until they get established. But, they have to be clustered to minimize the maintenance hassle for SDOT. So, I want all the neighbors in the area around the park to think about where trees could be placed and talk to your neighbors about it. The trees would come this fall. Contact me if you have questions. I’ll be providing additional information as I get it.

Night Out
Keep you calendar free on Tuesday, 7 August for a party at the park. More details to come…

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