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Deconstruction vs. Demolition

We met yesterday at the park site to plan for the deconstruction or demolition. In attendance were myself, John Barker (our landscape architect), Mohan Khandekar (architect for the Parks Department), Lise Ward (Parks Department property manager), Gary Gibbons (Seattle Conservation Corps), and Davidya Kasperzyk (steering committee member).

Davidya and John begin the deconstruction by tearing off the lowest course of plywood siding. They were looking the see how high the sill was above grade.

We’ve been trying to involve Re-Store or another architectural salvage company in the demolition/deconstruction of the house. I am using both terms because they are very different techniques. Demolition involves heavy machinery, big dumpsters, and landfilled materials. Deconstruction means the careful removal of salvageable materials. Deconstruction takes longer and is more expensive. Gary Gibbons is working with SPU, who may grant money to cover the difference in costs.

We don’t know yet whether the house will be deconstructed or demolished. Stay tuned!

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