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What could 17 Ave NW look like?

John Barker and I talked yesterday about the park design. I commented that our raingardens will only soak up a little bit of the stormwater in our neighborhood, lamenting at not being able to affect a larger area, as they do in the SEA streets (online tour here and homepage for the SEA streets). For those who haven’t been there, I recommend a tour. I think they’re beautiful. The SEA streets are along 2nd Ave NW, between 117th and 120th, just across 3rd Ave NW from Viewlands Elementary School.

John mused that it would be wonderful if we could use our project as a seed to continue the raingardens elsewhere, perhaps along 17th down toward Salmon Bay. I noted that it is a major pedestrian corridor and would like to see it combined with additional traffic calming. Take the online tour above to see what could be done in Ballard beyond our park project. I think that we could be a seed that germinate into a much larger plan to improve water quality, beautify a neighborhood, and improve pedestrian connections.

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