Friends of Ballard Corners Park

Fundraising and Landscape Design Update

State Funding
Our state funding of $125,000 is now secure. Governor Gregoire signed the capital budget bill, vetoing a few sections, but leaving our funding intact. More information is here.

Department of Neighborhoods Large Project Grant
Our co-chair Rebecca and I attended the Ballard District Council meeting on 9 May 07. I gave a short presentation, and then Jennifer Macuiba presented a subcommittee’s report on their score of our project. They gave us 96 out of 100 possible points! They are 50% of the weight of our scoring.

The other 50% comes from the Citywide Review Team (CRT). Jody, Mark, Gabriella, Susan, Rebecca, and I attended their meeting on 16 May 07 at McClure Middle School. We answered questions from their reviewers, gave them a fundraising update, and I gave a short presentation. We won’t know their score or recommendations for a little while. We did find out that there were funding requests totaling $1.8 million for a pot of $1.3 million. I think we have a very good chance of getting our full request – $100,000.

With the $100,000 we hope to receive from the large project grant, we will have close to $400,000 in funds. The project costs are estimated to be approximately $440,000 currently. Rebecca is working on several other grant proposals for the remainder and we are asking neighbors to contribute toward making this park a reality. We are getting closer all the time to raising the money needed, but more is needed. See this page for the details.

Landscape Design
We are working with Pam Kliment, our project manager at the Parks Department and John Barker, our landscape architect, to get a contract in place for the remainder of the design work and construction oversight. One of the largest elements of the process will be the civil engineering documents and permits for the raingardens. The civil engineering will cost us $21,500 and the permit from SDOT will be $6500. Ouch! It apparently costs lots of money to change the right of way, even a little bit of it.

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