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Community Meeting 21 Mar 07 (with Photos)

We had a fantastic community meeting last week (Wednesday 21 Mar 07). We were hoping that King County Councilmember Larry Phillips could join us with the extra large fake check for the $20,000 he wrangled out of the King County Budget on our behalf, but he was out of town. Hopefully, we’ll catch him soon so we can thank him for his hard work and effort.

I have 29 people listed on the sign-in sheets, but I actually think there were more; some may not have signed in. On a very positive note, I told the folks in attendance that we have a goal of raising $10,000 from the neighbors of the park by the end of this year. I can tell you that we made good progress toward that goal – before this week, we had $1250.89 in neighborhood contributions. After last night’s meeting we now have $2,762.89. This means that we have are now 28% of the way toward our goal!!! If you haven’t given to the park, now is the time. We have several different ways:

* You can give a cash donation – any amount is welcome – we accept cash, checks and PayPal (credit and debit cards). You can also mail a check to me at 1725 NW 64th St, Seattle, WA 98107 or put it in my mailbox. Contributions are tax-deductible.

* Shop at – a great way to contribute while shopping – Fremont Place Books and Amazon will give 4% of you purchase price to the park.

* Shop at Ballard Market (and give us your receipts) – they will give us 1% of their purchases

* Buy a T-shirt ($10) and/or a button ($2) – Shop online or email me or call me 714-4271

Last night, we decided on the play structure. Or more properly, the kids present (about 6) selected a play structure. We let the adults help a little bit. The four choices are here. Check out the lower right. That’s where the most votes were. Kids and adults liked that that structure offered lasting interest and the ability for a wide range of ages to enjoy it. A few folks preferred the naturalistic stone structure, but most ultimately decided that the “galaxy” structure would give lasting value and kids could play on the remaining more naturalistic structures elsewhere in the park.

We unveiled concepts for the donor tiles. There were issues with the possibility of breakable tiles (despite the durability of the street tiles in the sidewalks for 100 years), so we will work to refine what type of tiles and location for the tiles.

Folks were still very excited about the rain gardens. Check out Seattle’s SEA streets and Barker’s images of rain gardens.

We’ll be pursuing this concept. Sadly, we are facing an uphill battle with the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT). It will cost a lot of money and time to get their approval, but on the positive side, there is a King County grant that may help us.

Here are some of the other design images from John Barker and Page Crutcher:
Character in the park
Design Development 1
Design Development 2
Design Development 3
Design Development 4
Donor Recognition Ideas
Donor Recognition Ideas 2
Donor Recognition Ideas 3
Play Structures
Site Plan
Raingarden Designs

Here are the photos from the community meeting last Wednesday, 21 Mar 07. All credit goes to Gordon Waddell.

David Folweiler
I kicked off the meeting and asked the kids to help choose a climbing structure from the ones on my right (photo left).
All ages came.

Some participated more actively than others. (The meeting was at 7PM.)

Little Eva came to help choose a climbing structure.

Daniel shows a cheery smile and sports a Ballard Corners Park button and T-shirt.

You can only imagine what this newborn had to say.

John Barker
Our landscape architect John Barker explains details of the park design.

Morgan and Kristen
Morgan and Kristen enjoy Gabriella’s banana bread and the design presentation.

My co-chair Rebecca Carr, and her daughter join the meeting along with Brent, Taylor, and Alta.

Lewis has cared for the Nowadnick property for years warns us about graffiti in the park (see the cardboard he’s holding) and advocated for lighting the park to prevent illicit activities.

Our other landscape architect, Page Crutcher explains some detail elements.

My daughter Camille went around collecting signatures. She was so confident for a seven year old. If you want to see something cool, check out this video of her performing aerial work on the rope.

Valerie listens intently.

Mark and Jody staff the T-shirt and button sale table.

I couldn’t post all the pictures, but if you want to see all the pictures click here.

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