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Lobbying in Olympia

Lobbying is such a pejorative word. When we request funding from the legislature as citizens for a project for the public good, perhaps we should have a better verb. ‘Counsel’, ‘talk’, ‘request’…?
Mark Donovan

Mark Donovan, his young daughter Eva, and I went to Olympia on Thursday, 1 Mar, to meet with legislators and staff to ask for a Capital Budget Request for $125,000 for Ballard Corners Park. We met with Adam Aaseby, Senator Capital Budget staffer and Susan Howson, House Capital Budget staffer. Both asked questions and seem more familiar with the request. I also met with Rep. Joyce MacDonald and Rep. Bill Fromhold. I dropped material off and met with the staff of Rep. Dickerson, Rep. Sommers, Sen. Brandland, Sen. Zarelli, Sen. Jacobsen, and Rep. Newhouse. Rep. MacDonald told me that the House will be beginning their formulation of the Capital Budget this weekend.

I was nervous around people with such power. Mark was so calm; he seemed non-plussed by it all and was very sweet, offering to take greater care of his lovely daughter than other concerns. Eva is adorable and loved by all that met with her.

Nonetheless, I hope that the state legislature sees the wisdom of funding our park. Their stake would be less than a third of construction costs. The city and the county would pick up most of the rest. Corporate grants, neighborhood support, and sweat equity will make up the rest.

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