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The Name is Official – It’s “Ballard Corners Park”

I tallied the results of the poll and sent the results to Ken Bounds, the outgoing Superintendent of Seattle Parks and Recreation. Here is my email to him followed by his response.

Superintendent Bounds,

I have asked our steering committee and community members (90+ people) and Groundswell NW’s email distribution list for suggestions about other names for Ballard Corners Park. Rebekah Schilperoort wrote an article for the Ballard News Tribune soliciting additional names.

I then asked our steering committee and community members to vote on their preferred name for the park. The results of the poll are:

Ballard Corners Park – 18 votes
Boutin Market Park – 5 votes
Polk Street Park – 2 votes
Post Street Park – 1 vote
Polk and Post Streets Park – 1 vote
Viking Park – 1 vote
Corner Store Park – 1 vote
Ballard Peace Park – 1 vote
Gunnar Guddal Park – 1 vote

It appears that there is strong support, by a substantial margin, to retain Ballard Corners Park as the name of Ballard’s newest park. (Please note the use of the plural on “Corners”.)

Thank you for the opportunity to involve the community in this process. Thank you also for your work as superintendent of the Department of Parks and Recreation.

David Folweiler, co-chair
Friends of Ballard Corners Park

Ken BoundsDavid,

Thanks for taking on the task to reconsider the name. I accept the community’s conclusion. I’ll officially submit the papers to the City Clerk naming the park “Ballard Corners Park.” I know it will be a much loved park by the community, which is what really counts!


Ken Bounds, Superintendent
Seattle Parks and Recreation

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