Friends of Ballard Corners Park

Vote Now for a new Name for the Park! (Or keep the old)

OK, people, this is it! (Drum roll, please.)

I know that many of you expressed an opinion earlier, but I want your final vote on a name for Ballard Corners Park after having seen all the suggestions. Even if you replied earlier, please reply again.

To vote, just email with your favorite name. Entries are due by tomorrow evening (26 Feb at 6 PM), so I can forward the community’s preference onto Parks and Recreation Superintendent Ken Bounds before he retires on Wednesday.

By the way, the article in the Ballard News Tribune generated three calls and zero emails.

Ballard Corners Park
Our working name, emblazoned on hundreds of T-shirts, buttons, and websites.

Fisherman’s Haven or Fishermen’s Haven
Suggested by the elderly daughter of a Puget Sound Salmon fisherman.

Cedar Shake Park

William Boutin Park
Boutin Market Park
The last grocer on our North lot.

Polk Street Park
Polk and Post Streets Park
First and Polk Street Park
Post Street Park

Corner Post Park
Nods to Ballard’s old street names that surround the park.

Viking Park
Velkommen Park
(may be misspelled, but “Welcome” in Norwegian)
Scandinavian Heritage Park
Lutefisk Park

All nods to the rich Scandinavian heritage in Ballard.

Ballard Beaver Park
Ballard Friendship Park
Ballard Peace Park

17th and 63rd Park

Community Corner Park

Bill Templeton Park
A deceased long time West Ballard little league coach.

Don’t forget! Please reply by tomorrow at 6 PM (Monday 26 Feb)! Feel free to forward to other Ballard residents! One vote for one name per person, please.

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