Friends of Ballard Corners Park

Please email the State Legislature!

State Funding

We have requested $125,000 from the state legislature in the Capital Budget to help with our estimated $420,000 construction costs. We have $150,000 from the Pro-Parks Levy and $20,000 from King County (thanks, King County Councilmember Larry Phillips!) and we expect to receive $100,000 from the Department of Neighborhoods Large Projects Fund. But, we need additional funding to make Ballard Corners Park a reality.

I need all of you to email the following two state legislators who control the Capital Budget and let them know why Ballard Corners Park is important to you.

Senator Karen FraserState Senator Karen Fraser, Capital Budget Chair, Senate Ways and Means Committee

Representative Bill FromholdState Representative Bill Fromhold, Chair, House of Representatives Capital Budget Committee

A suggested message is:

“I am writing to urge your support for a Capital Budget request for $125,000 for Ballard Corners Park, Ballard’s newest park. Density in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle is growing rapidly. Please support funding more open and green space in the great state of Washington’s urban neighborhoods.”

You can add reasons why you think Ballard Corners Park is important to you.

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