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Steering Committee Meeting & Donor Recognition Items

Tiles in streetWe met with John Barker tonight. Gabriella, Rebecca, Davidya, Phoebe, and Gordon were all there.

He showed us several examples of donor recognition items. We discussed bronze leaves, but ultimately we gravitated toward honoring Ballard’s past by selecting tiles that would mimic the old Ballard street names. We thought it would be lovely if we could use the design of the old blue and white tile signs that are embedded in the sidewalk throughout Ballard.

The tiles will be available for $100 each and can be strung together. They (most likely) will be placed on the backrest of the seatwall leading to the children’s play structure. For more information, plan to attend our design workshop 21 Mar 07, 7-9 PM at the Ballard Boys & Girls Club. All are welcome.

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