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corner store is open!

corner store is open!

It is a bit odd.  We are an organization with no financial assets.  The Friends of Ballard Corners has no bank account, no officers (on paper), no board, no nothing.  We rely on Groundswell NW to handle all our money as our “fiscal sponsor”.  Any money we receive goes straight to them.  Any money we “spend” comes straight from them.  In return, they receive a 5% cut of all our donations – this helps them fund their operations.

It seems strange to me that we would give money from our account at a non-profit to another non-profit.  No one gets a write-off.  But, nonetheless, we were inclined to want to thank two organizations – Ballard Boys & Girls Club and Ballard Historical Society for their help.

The Ballard Boys & Girls Club hosted virtually all of our meetings, including the large public meetings.  The Ballard Historical Society helped with our historical photos and writing up the verbiage of the panels.  In return, we wanted to support them.  We did it with profuse thanks and a check for $400 each.

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