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That Pesky Name, A Placeholder – ‘Ballard Corners Park’ – Is There a Better One?

There has been some great discussion about the name for Ballard Corners Park. I welcome the idea that the name of our park could be better. So far, I have had responses that are roughly organized along these lines:

– People who support the current working name – “Ballard Corners Park”. This name came from Davidya Kasperzyk at our very first steering committee meeting. I think he may have referred to it as “Corners Park”, but nonetheless I think he deserves the credit. This is the largest group thus far. Advantages include a short (less than one year) legacy as our working name (having replaced “17.63” as the prior placeholder), a moniker that harkens back to the neighborhood corner store on the north side of our site, and a geographic reference (it’s in Ballard, isn’t it?). Disadvantages include confusion with Ballard Commons, the fact that “corners” could describe a lot of places, and a vague sense that we could do better.

– “Post Park”, “Post and Polk Park”? A reference to the city of Ballard’s old street names, before annexation by Seattle in 1906. Ballard had its own street names – Market was Broadway, 15th was Main, 17th was 1st, 65th was Ship, 63rd was Polk, and 62nd was Post. We can reef on Polk and Post; First seems unlikely as a park name. (If you aren’t familiar with the old names, look for the blue and white tiles embedded in the sidewalks at intersections, some editions of ‘Passport to Ballard’, or the Sanborn Maps from 1904-5.)

– Should we call the park “Boutin’s Park”, “William Boutin Park”? On the north site, there was a corner store built in 1905 and operated as a neighborhood market until 1954. The last grocer was William Boutin who operated the store as Boutin’s Grocery from 1941 to 1954.

– “Lutefisk Park”, “Scandinavian Heritage Park”, or “Viking Park”? A nod to the strong Scandinavian history.

– Miscellaneous – “Ballard Beaver Park” and a nod to a former prime industry – “Cedar Shake Park”?

What do you think? Can anyone come up with something more creative?

We’re going to open up this discussion to the broader community. Rebekah Schilperoot at the Ballard News Tribune will publish an article next week asking for additional ideas.

Come on, people. Reach down deep inside and be creative. Invite your friends and relative to have some fun. Contact David Folweiler –

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