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A new Name for Ballard Corners Park?

The Seattle Parks Naming Committee has recommended Ballard Corners Park as the name for our park to Seattle Parks and Recreation Department Superintendent Ken Bounds. However, he sees the naming of a new park as an opportunity to honor a historical or more contemporary figure and wants us to revisit the name of the park.

I know that we’ve discussed historical names in the past, including naming the park after the last grocer to run the corner store on the north lot – William Boutin. Nobody of the suggestions seemed to resonate with the community. My understanding was that the community liked the name Ballard Corners Park and was reasonably content with it. I agree it may not be perfect, but it does have Ballard in it, which gives it a sense of place.

Note that the current design is to include historical photographs and references within the park. There may, for instance, be tiles with photographs of the old corner store and Victorian house on the lots, as well as references to the old Ballard culture (shingle mills, fishing, Scandinavians, etc.).

Superintendent Bounds is giving us another opportunity to revisit the name of the park. Let’s think about this over the weekend. If you have any great suggestions, please send them back to me by Tuesday at the latest. If no ideas gain traction, I think we should stick with Ballard Corners Park. What do you think?

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