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The Bulbs are Up!

Spring is around the corner. The sun was shining on me today as I went to Ballard Corners Park. I noticed that the bulbs are coming up by the sign and along Brock and Mackenzie’s garage. There were also a few bulbs poking up under the mulch covering the old blackberry vines.

Perc Testing

I also talked to a fellow today who was conducting a “perc” or percolation test in the planting strip along 17th Ave NW. This simple test consists of digging a hole, placing a PVC pipe in the hole, filling it with water and timing how long it takes to drain. He was hired by John Barker to test the soils (he also took some cores) and test how well the soil drains. John wanted the testing to determine how much soil would need to be excavated for the rain gardens. If we want to capture the storm water runoff, we’ll need soils that drain well. Preliminary results indicate that the north parking strip doesn’t drain as well as the south.

John and Page are proceeding ahead with the construction drawings. We’ve also asked them to come up with some ideas on recognizing our donors (i.e. plaques, bronze ducklings, tiles with historic photos, or something else).

Community Meeting

We have a community meeting on Wednesday, March 21st at the Ballard Boys & Girls Club, 7-9 PM. We’ll be reviewing Barkers construction drawings and helping to select a play structure. There are many design decisions yet to be made, including choosing plants and trees. We would love it if all of you come.

At the community meeting, we’ll be getting a chance to publicly thank King County Council Chair Larry Phillips for his effort to procure $20,000 from the King County capital budget for our park. I’m hoping he brings one of those huge fake checks.

We’ll have T-shirts and buttons for sale at the meeting ($10 and $2 respectively). If you would like either more immediately, contact me.

State Funding

At Olympia, state Senator Jeanne Kohl-Welles is working hard with Senator Karen Fraser to get $125,000 of funding into the Senate’s capital budget. On the House side, Representative Mary Lou Dickerson has agreed to sponsor a capital budget request for Representative Bill Fromhold’s Capital Budget Committee (also for $125,000). Local Representative Helen Sommers has also agreed to speak with Rep. Fromhold about Ballard Corners Park.

Grant Writing

Our co-chair Rebecca Carr is spearheading the grant writing process. She is focusing intently on the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods Large Project Fund Award for $100,000. She has submitted our letter of intent to apply for the award. The letter is here.

We are also getting ready to apply for a number of other grants, both publicly and corporate funded.

The Park Name

Paula Hoff told me that the park naming committee (of which she is a member) at the Parks Department has recommended that our park be named Ballard Corners Park. She’s spoken to Parks Superintendent Ken Bounds and he has no objections with the name. She tells me that he will sign off on the name before his resignation from Parks on 22 Feb 07.


Thanks mainly to the efforts of Jody Stewart, we have completed our brochure. We’ll be mailing it to residents close to the park shortly and keeping a stock on hand to hand out at festivals (Ballard Seafood Fest, Sustainable Ballard, etc.) and when we go door-to-door this spring.

New Parks Project Manager

We have been blessed to have Pam Kliment helping to guide us thus far. Thus far, our funding has been through the Department of Neighborhoods and Pam has been our Parks Department project manager.

When we start to dip into Pro-Parks Levy funds and begin construction, we will get a ‘new’ project manager. Her name is Lynn Sullivan. I spoke with her earlier in the week. She was very pleasant with me on the phone and I think we will have a good working relationship. As a bonus, Page Crutcher at Barker Landscape Architects has worked with her on the Pinehurst Pocket Park (in Seattle). Page and Lynn worked together to get the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) to allow the creation of rain gardens (bio-swales) on the Pinehurst project – so we should have a leg up on creating the same on Ballard Corners Park.

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